dolphinariums in Belek Turkey

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Swimming with Dolphins in Belek Antalya Turkey

Swimming with dolphins is an unrivalled activity for tourists which stays at the top of the list of tourist attractions in Belek Antalya Turkey. For many people swimming with dolphins is a lifelong ambition and dream. Swimming with dolphins in Belek Antalya Turkey is a chance of a lifetime, having direct contact with a dolphin is not something you will come across numerous times in your lifetime. Under the guidance of professional trainers in Belek Antalya Turkey you will be able to interact and see the natural behaviour of these beautiful and intelligent marine mammals. Dolphin swim in Belek Antalya Turkey is a special programme and is open for adults of all ages and children from 4 to 12 years. Swim with the dolphins of Belek Antalya Turkey, an experience that will stay with you forever.

This is a true dolphin experience and undoubtedly the highlight of many of our client’s holidays in Belek Antalya Turkey.

Swimming with dolphins in their natural environment or swimming pool in Belek Antalya Turkey is a truly unforgettable experience. With dolphin swims in Belek Antalya Turkey, you will interact with these playful and curious mammals in a safe responsible and ecologically sensitive way.

How to book dolphin swimming ticket in Belek Antalya Turkey : If you are planning a visit Turkey soon and would like to book a dolphin swimming session, you can complete your reservation online on our web page. You can also buy tickets from tour operators travel agencies and hotel guides in Belek Antalya Turkey.

How to arrive dolphin swimming place in Belek Antalya Turkey : Our company runs scheduled bus travel between hotels resorts and dolphin park in Belek Antalya Turkey. Once you complete your dolphin swim activity our bus brings you back to your hotel. It is also possible to travel by city bus lines and taxi cabs

The cost for swimming with dolphins in Belek Antalya Turkey : Belek Antalya Turkey is probably one of the most cheapest place for swimming with dolphins in the world. Prices for dolphin swim activity in Belek Antalya Turkey is changing depending on low / high seasons, children and adults. Dolphin park in Belek Antalya Turkey offers % 50 discount for groups students and elders.

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